"Playing flute and piccolo and teaching those instruments to my children and grandchildren has long been my passion.   I have had occasion to purchase older instruments in need of repair including an excellent sterling silver flute.  On multiple occasions over the last four years I have sought Mr. Steve Hultquist's expertise in evaluating and repairing several instruments .  He has always provided thorough, upfront, highly reliable,  reasonable, and very courteous service.  Now in business for himself, I would highly recommend his services."
-Ronald M. Tolls, MD FACS

"Thank you for your quick, polite, and friendly service.  You have a good manner with customers.  I will be a repeat customer, and I will be sure to let members of the band know of your service."
-Rob Parker

"Steve has worked on my trumpets for several years now, & has shown himself to be extremely knowledgable regarding all aspects of the construction, function & repair of  trumpets. He is specific & candid when it comes to repair vs. replace, & if there are options, he explains the pros/cons of each. In short, he is a consummate professional technician (and a very nice guy, too.)"
-Greg Urquhart

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "How long will it take?"
Answer: Each instrument is unique, but in any case I return your instrument to you as promptly as possible. Minor things, such as replacing a missing key cork or straightening a bent key can be taken care of the same day. Playing Conditions or Cleanings may take a day or so.

Question: "How do I know if I need repair?"
Answer: When you spend your time & effort making the horn work instead of playing the music.

Question:"What is the most common problem with woodwind instruments?"
Answer: Certain keys need to close at the same time. When excess moisture soaks the pads, it causes the wool felt body of the pad to swell  making it more difficult to play. A professional adjustment is needed.

Question: "What is the most common problem with brass instruments?"
Answer: Mineral salts from saliva remain on valves & slides, then they become sluggish or difficult to move. The instrument needs a professional cleaning to thoroughly remove these deposits.